About FreeTextbooks

FreeTextbooks saves college students 50% on their textbooks every year.

Our nationwide team of student entrepreneurs buy and sell textbooks from other students using our app and earn commission along the way. With 1,000 reps on more than 90 campuses, FreeTextbooks activates the best network of college students in the country.

In addition, our operations team is building a platform for students to buy the cheapest textbooks delivered in one hour. We’re fighting to become the best solution in a $14 billion market. (Because, we certainly don’t lack ambition!)

So, as we chase these goals we’re looking for top talent to join us. FreeTextbooks offers a positive work environment with a strong team culture. New team members will have the chance to work alongside us as we continue to serve students in positive and impactful ways.

Let’s go make some magic together. As we look ahead the future is brighter than ever. We’re ready to lead the charge forward not just with textbooks, but the entire student experience.

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