Delivery Driver

United States


Help us launch free food deliveries and same-day book sales on your campus. The 'Drive for FTB' position is designed to work with an ever-changing student schedule. It's flexible and allows you to earn money hourly, nearly any time you want (think Uber driver).

Our network of students delivers a variety of items on over 30 campuses through the FTB app: donuts, t-shirts, water balloons (and yes, even books). Using the FTB Delivers app, you'll deliver prepaid items to students around your campus. No aggressive marketing is involved - these students already have the FTB app and have requested the delivery, you just coordinate it. The app shares a student's location and contact info -- "Oh great, Emily's up next in Rosewood Hall; let me shoot her a text that I'm on the way" -- you just coordinate the drop-off.


*Cars not required for all campuses


- $15-25/hr

- Flexible hours

- Exposure to other FTB opportunities

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